CCA MFA 2021

Gilded Yantra

Gilded gold mirror, etching, reflections, and the Blooming Yantra

12 in  × 36 in

Akaal - Ek

Incense soot, sesame oil, tributes, cold press paper, thumb and index prints, and a yantra.

22 × 30

Akaal - Do

Incense smoke, heat, creases, paper, tributes, and omnipresence.

8.5 in × 11 in

Crochet Yantra

Crochet and knit yarn, focus, and negotiations

49 in  × 72 in

Blooming Yantra

Mix media collage

25 in  × 21 in

Breathing Excercise

Wind, silk yardage, natural pigment (marigolds, safflower, madder, kutch, and kamala), gold gilded mirrors, and light.

Approx 130 Sq. Ft

Roshanee aur Kaanch ka Yantra

Stained glass, light

Approx 12 in × 12 in


Canvas, glass beads, peeling, unraveling, marigolds, oil, henna, madder root, gold leaf, cuts, removal.

Approx 9 ft × 5 ft

If not now, when? Waiting for my death to come

Hand gilded gold mirrors, mourning, aril bowls, marigolds, assorted flowers, grieving, silk organza, silk gauze, memory, natural dye, caution, beeswax, hand spun silk yarn, silk chiffon, fray, and water.

Approx. 150 Sq Ft


Pencil on hot press paper

30 × 22

Ek Aur Khaaka

Pencil on hot press paper

30 in × 22 in

Artist Statement

Constricted and boiled, skins are submerged into the waters of the earth.

Pressed into the crevices of the vice around it, struggling to breathe,

porosity is forced.

Open. Breath, suspension, & she becomes undone.

Her sacred body proposing to a space; ecstasy for the divine.

How much time is spent here?

The thick air asks the actions to elegiacally move through it with weight, be wary, do not disrupt.

Find the flow,


does one belong?

The Yantra blooms from its center; the Bindu begins at the point of origin for the divine. It roots itself into its core. Hyper self-reference (reflected) to make the celestial ruled in billowing gestures and intersecting geometries. Spaces scored to hold the sacred– reverence for beauty. Flowering allusions to summon the empyrean; negotiations abound.

Aliya Parashar (she/her) - Aliya Parashar is an interdisciplinary artist who works in mediums of fibers + materials and installation art in order to communicate the intersection of gender identity, post-colonial theory, and mythology. She strives to strike a balance between celebrating femininity and honoring bodies, while creating a vision of resistance through garments and fiber production. Her work has been featured in SHUBA, Paper, Post, Crux, and Posture Magazine with her most recent show taking place at ACREprojects in 2019. Aliya holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago after transferring from Otis College of Art and Design. She is now pursuing her MA/MFA dual degree at the California College of Arts in San Francisco.