CCA MFA 2021

Presentation and Representation #Packaging

Digital photography

2316 px × 3088 px

Presentation and Representation #Tag

Digital Photography

2316 px × 3088 px

Realism and Representation

Digital photographs and paper sculpture

4032 px × 3024 px

Paper Power

Paper Sculptures, video

20 cm × 27 cm

Hide Behind Decoration

Digital prints. 25cm × 35cm Veil made by fake jewel.

40 cm × 30 cm

Artist Statement

I am inspired by my contrasting experience of building an understanding of the real world and media representation of it, such as the Internet, books, magazines etc. The media representation has clear, digitized and standardized characters that mostly present in two dimensions. The real world is more complex, variable, indescribable and has a multi-dimensional surface. Nowadays, the boundary between the real world and media representation is blurred. However, without going through human senses, cognition based on media representation is flattened in 2D which is simpler than reality, with less detail. Media representation also has a hidden danger in that it may be distorted.

My work combines performance, installations, video and digital print. I integrate real objects and emotions with their media representations, to build a contrasting feeling of lives in the mediated world and the real world. I intend to examine the effect of information and technology development on human cognition, and rethink the relationship between humans, the natural world and media in an absurd and humorous way.