CCA MFA 2021

Well Fed

Inkjet on Cotton

30 in × 24 in

Shake Well

Bees Wax

3 in × 2 in


Ink Jet on Powermesh

16 in × 10 in

Artist Statement

All bodies have needs and an underlying desire to satiate those cravings. Food becomes the perfect metaphor to think critically about what we take in and let out. The extremes of hunger and fullness contribute to complex negotiations of physical and emotional needs. These themes are rooted in disordered eating research and recovery, which transcend daily meals and ultimately contribute to embodied living. Lacking emotional nourishment can lead to chronic loneliness, a mental state often traced back to adolescents.

The moment we are born, we are wrapped in cloth and placed in our caretakers' arms. Clothing covers our bodies, and these fibers become our second skin. They give us warmth and comfort, sensations vital to life. As we expand, these clothes stretch to our unique contours and rolls. However, textiles carry a duality; they camouflage and cover our exterior selves. The clothed and naked body becomes a site for the extremes as the negotiation of visibility unfolds.

Liz Ordway is a visual artist and scholar focused on fat activism, emotional nourishment, and child psychology. Her work contributes to fat visibility with a concentration in textiles and sculpture.

She is currently an MFA and MA candidate at California College of the Arts. Liz holds a Bachelors in Visual Communication and Design from San Francisco State University.