CCA MFA 2021

Answer Collecting

Artist Statement

I am always seeking different ways to meditate and after realizing that meditation will be my life-long practice, I have tried to apply it to all my work. Through meditation, I am able to enter a level of calm and reach a certain spiritual space. The process of meditation, including the repeating of hand movements, creates a best way to clarify my complicated mind through every uncertainty.

My work is correlated with the spirituality of Buddhism and Taoism. The guiding principles of abandoning desire, not being influenced by appearances, and living in the present guide me towards abstraction. I focus on Yin/Yang, which is an important principle in Taoism. In my work, I create a balance between simple, direct rules that I set and the impermanent materials I use – materials easily found in daily life, such as pens, copy paper, and school glue.

Living in art and living in the present is my essential belief.
Everything is Art.
Everything is Practice.
Everything is always transmitting energy to the universe.