CCA MFA 2021

Sound of Words

Noise Point of No Return

She completed her bachelor degree in visual communication from Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2018 in China, and is now studying for her master degree in Fine Arts from California College of Arts. Since 2018, she has participated in exhibitions in China and the United States.

Most of her works focus on "visibility" and "invisibility" in social issues, and demonstrate "the philosophy of ambiguity" through her art works. Her emphasis and views on "non-thought" are everywhere and nowhere to be found; Her "vague" conciliatory object I, related to the subject and guest; Her emphasis on the interweaving, entanglement, and transformation of the body and the world, and on the mystical unifying interface that is neither physical nor spiritual, invisible and visible; Her exposition of the language of silence; Her "perception" is related to the original, the special dimension. Listen to the voice of silence, touch the edge of darkness.

Based on the artistic expression language of visual communication, Wenxin is good at reconstructing the visible and invisible blurred realm by mixing audio, video, sculpture, lighting and other media, and pursuing the original feeling.