Alice in Wonderland

Digital photography

The Chaser

Digital photography


Digital photography, typewritten print

Model Behaviors

Various sizes. Typewritten prints.

Breath of Relief

Digital photography. Typewritten print.

The Unbearable Weight of Being

Instant photography, typewritten print.

Artist Statement

As an artist, my goal is finding a bridge and connections between the past, present and future. It’s a deep conversation of people’s inner lives. I not only address these connections but represent a particular contemporary point of view coming from my generation with its historical, personal and cultural identity. Therefore, I choose to tell and reveal people’s stories includes my own story through a camera lens.

The narrative telling takes the most important part through my artist’s practice, which drives my investigation on inner psychological activities on invisible persona, shadow and ego reflect on people and myself. I decided to collect stories through conversations among my friends and people I’m familiar with. During these conversations I’m not only a listener but also a responder in between these interactions. When a person talks about a memory or an experience, it is already a past event. Then when we have the conversation it is a present moment so that makes the after thoughts and recalls become as a future moment. Therefore, I found out the way of storytelling, which is the reenactment photography. 

The purpose of doing narrative photography series in reenactments is returning to the original state of these conversations and recalls by focusing on mental responds with the truth even though the settings are remade.

The twenties of someone’s life are often called as one of the most exhausting moments. And though I have grownups to give me – at the very least – a rundown of what to expect, I’m still confused. I will expand the self-consideration to real social critique and problems, including topics such as drugs, violence, suicide, cultural and belief conflicts, etc. The most beautiful moment in our 20s’, and it’s the time we get to truly know yourself through and through.