CCA MFA 2021


wooden frame, oil painting, ink drawing and videos

38 in × 20 in

Symbol Reborn

30 in × 75 in × 20 in

Fast Food

mix-media (table & plastic bowl), 19"x12"x50", plaster, wax

19 in × 50 in  × 12 in

Series Mushrooms

Found objects, clay


Digital photograph

Automatic filter selector


3D printing (PLA)


3D printing (PLA)

ShikaNoTohne Scroll in Progress

ink on paper (in progress)

Artist Statement

I feel myself doing creative jobs with a kind of attitude of anthropologist and naturalist. During these past two years, my artworks are always based on my curiosity about people and the world. Sometimes I expressed abstract emotions, such as the installation combined by broken plaster dishes and red spoons. Sometimes I presented a dynamic process, such as the mushrooms growing on old industrial products.

In the past year, my direction went back to self-developing on my identity and position. From this point my attention shifted to Asian ACG (animation, comic, and game) culture, which was what inspired me a lot to become an artist during my growing up. While knowing about how much this culture is influencing the young artists in China today, but it is still regarded as a subculture and be difficult to recognized in world contemporary art, I felt a sense of responsibility to be a voice for it. After done several 3D printings works close to this style, I stopped from making artwork on the topic of ACG but delve deeper into relating social investigation.

Most recently, my interest is also going through the traditional Asian instrument. I am trying to present their unique cultural value and artistry to the audience, by producing the classical music score and instrumental forms in my artworks.