Zoey Yaoxi

CCA MFA 2021

Collection of Meats


Collection of Meats is a project that contains a set of lumen prints use meat and seafood as raw materials. Being passionate about cooking, I pay a lot of attention to ingredients. I collect meats and seafood I cook. Being frozen and then sliced, these material will then be placed onto photographic paper and exposed under sunlight/UV light. Prints are not fixed and keep its original color.

Image01: Wild Caught Salmon, Skinless
Image02: Organic Boneless Chicken Thigh
Image03: Homemade Italian Sausage
Image04: Wild Caught Argentinean Prawn with Head
Image05: Poke Belly
Image06: Thin Cut Ham
Image07: Homemade Beef Patty
Image08: Wild Caught Alaska Cod Filet, Boneless/Skinless

Digital prints

5 in × 5 in



This is a set of chemigram prints inspired when I held a party at home meeting new friends, talked about what I do as a photographer and being asked about how alter processes works. Thus, I took out some photo paper, put the on floor, turned down the lights and turn up music. Together with the music, my friends and I danced and started to pour every liquid we could find at home onto photo paper: soy sauce, ketchup, honey, oil, alcohol, juice, nail polish, and someone's snot. Photo papers were collected, processed afterward, designed and hand-made into an accordion format book.

Chemigram Prints Individual prints 5 in × 8 in Accordion 96 in × 12 in

Artist Statement

Photography is my tool that I use to give a reason to everything around me — meaningful or meaningless. It is the media that my mind interacts with life, that my consciousness explores the world, and that my body expresses my very thoughts. I define myself as an explorer, thus for most of my works, the content is the process of making and experiencing. For these reasons, working with alternative process fulfill both my intention and demand of creation.

For my art practice, the process of making and experiencing is as significant as the result-ing artwork, or even more important. The result of this process — the final existence of work — is a documentary and evidence of process. Through my works, I’m trying to create uncanniness, humor, and a space for viewers to look inward and see their own experience.